O&M Services for 30MW power plant in Fukushima prefecture

After more than 2 years and 9 months of abstinence from Japan forced by the pandemic, our Managing Director Karsten Klug was finally allowed to enter Japan again and visit our own saferay portfolio power plants, the plants of our customers and most importantly, our Japanese employees.

Together with our Chief Operating Officer of Japanese O&M, Eduardo Sierra, we went to a customer’s plant near Shirakawa in Fukushima prefecture, about 1 1/2 hours north of Tokyo. “It was very nice to finally see the plant in real life”, says Karsten.

With it’s local team of engineers and our O&M management based in Tokyo, Saferay Services carries out the O&M activities on this 30MWp plant. From CEE to preventive and corrective maintenance of all components, monitoring, greens maintenance, etc., saferay is responsible for a smooth operation of the site. Built on a former golf course, this power plant stretches over multiple hills and provides a nice scenery.

See for yourself: