News 2022

It’s been a bit quiet in the last few months, but that wasn’t because we took a break…. but because after the start of our O&M activities at the 30.9 MWp Shirakawa solar power plant in the Fukushima Prefecture, we are now also working for another 24 MW power plant for Obton A/S ( since December 2021. 

We are very pleased and proud to be responsible for the implementation of all O&M activities in this mega solar power plant, from daily operation including CEE and monitoring, to regular inspections, maintenance and other activities.

Saferay operations KK currently operates a portfolio of its own plants in Japan with a total capacity of approximately 170 MW. 

Our subsidiary saferay services KK was founded in 2021 and now operates approx. 55 MW for third parties in Japan with its experienced and efficient O&M team, backed by our international engineering team and a decade long experience of operating large scale solar power plants in Europe and South America.

You would like to find out more about saferay services? Please feel free to reach out to Karsten (klug or Eduardo (sierra… we look forward to hearing from you.