Great news!

We are pleased to announce that saferay services KK (Japan O&M unit of the saferay Group) and Danish investor and developer Obton A/S ( will team up in Japan. 
Saferay Services will provide O&M services for the Shirakawa solar power plant (30.9 MWp, Fukushima Prefecture) from November 2021 onwards.
The saferay Group operates its own portfolio of solar power plants worldwide with an installed capacity totalling more than 350 MWp. The saferay Japan O&M team has been operating solar power plants in Japan for more than 6 years (total 170 MWp) and is an experienced and reliable partner.
Obton already operates more than 1.2 GW of solar power plants in Europe. The Shirakawa project is Obton A/S’ first mega solar project in Japan. 
We look forward to working together to ensure that the performance and availability of the asset is as high as possible.

Karsten Klug
Managing Director saferay services KK, Tokyo